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We live in a dizzying world full of obstacles and we see people dreaming of change every day. That's how the 136bpm sports project was born, as a race against the clock, in sports and life, whose heartbeats per minute (136bpm) give us it helps us get what we want, our body can do anything if the mind is trained to push its limits, through sport, life begins outside our comfort zone, and for that, which becomes really important, you don't have to, but to make time. And if what you do today is not what you want for tomorrow, 136bpm gives you confidence, motivation and inspires you to succeed.


One of the biggest barriers to fitness can actually be getting to the gym. In such circumstances, an online fitness trainer is the perfect solution. Available wherever you are, FLORIN PRODANA, fitness and aerobics coach, is the most suitable to provide you with the individualized training you need. In an accessible format, video or even live, 136bpm is with you permanently whether you are at home, at the office or on vacation, guiding your steps. Integrate 136bpm into your daily routine and stay PRO FIT.
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Do you want to be more confident? Sport increases your self-esteem!

You may already know that sitting in front of a screen, going to work and sitting in front of the TV at night is not good for you at all, because this sedentary lifestyle leads to gaining extra kilos.

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How do you find your motivation to lose weight?

If you want to see your diet through to the end, it is very important to take into consideration the psychological factor, determination, which is what motivates you to get rid of the extra kilos. There is no point in having high expectations, if they don't match your attitude and your character.

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How do you handle mood swings without binge eating?

We got used to ignoring our mood swings, suffering in silence without even asking ourselves why, and even convincing ourselves that a glass of alcohol, a shopping session or binge eating would make us feel better.

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Are we more satisfied if we have a nice figure, or is it just an illusion?

The way we look at ourselves, the motivation we have for losing weight and gaining a nice figure, the satisfaction with our own lives are all factors that are influenced by what we see around us.

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Guide for a Healthy Nutrition, for you to lose weight and look good

Carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Guide for a Healthy Nutrition represents probably the most extensive and important help you can get to lose weight and keep yourself in a good shape. 

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The future is here! Outstanding fitness trends in 2020

There is no other excuse to skip exercise, especially as 2020 brings us a series of innovative fitness trends that will certainly be an important help in losing weight and to be fit.

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