Florin Prodana,

a successful

A talented and beloved fitness trainer, Florin Prodana is the creator of the sports and health application www.136bpm.ro. Florin is one of the dedicated professionals who proves to us every day that exercise, along with nutrition, is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. An authorized fitness and aerobics coach, Florin has over 20 years of experience in sports.

Florin is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle

A graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, promoter of a healthy lifestyle, Florin has created an online platform, unique, at this moment, in our country, for personalized training: 136bpm.ro. A coach-entrepreneur, Florin Prodana set out to break down barriers, bring something new to the fitness landscape and help improve the health of Romanians. With over 60,000 personalized workouts, including in terms of training selection and taking into account medical conditions, the platform provides everyone, simply and quickly, a successful formula for maintaining health, but also for a great physical form.

Florin Prodana is an authorized sports instructor

Florin has always worked hard to learn new things, to develop and to improve. Over time, he took courses and studies that improved his skills.

  • Football player

    LPS Banatul 2001-2002

    FC Extensiv Craiova – 2002-2003

    FC Rulmentul Alexandria 2003 - 2009

  • Studies

    "Banatul" High School with Sports Program - Timişoara 2001-2002

    “Traian Demetrescu” High School - Craiova - sports profile 2002-2003

    "Rulmentul" Technical School Group Alexandria - sports profile 2003-2005

  • Higher education

    Bachelor of Sports and Physical Education. Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Ecological University 2007-2010

  • International instructor

    Sports instructor card - National Authority for Sports and Youth - Romanian Federation of Sport for All

    aerobics and fitness instructor training course - December 2010

    training course for aerobics and fitness instructor - February 2011

  • International instructor

    Training Power Pump. Workshop - World Class Romania - April 2011

  • Personal trainer

    PAF Study Center - Alfredo Petrosino - June 2011

  • International instructor

    CStrike Zone. 4D Fitness Movement - Enrico Olivieri - January 2011

  • International instructor

    Kangoo Jumps. S.C Fit Jumps S.R.L - August 2011

  • International instructor

    Sports profile - football. Technical School Group "Rulmentul" Alexandria - 2003-2005

Florin realized the need for a customized sports application

Years of experience and specializations have given him the opportunity to understand how important communication is and how much is the need in the fitness market in our country for an online sports and health platform. Thus, he came up with the idea of creating an extremely ambitious program, www.136bpm.ro, dedicated to all those who want to take care of their health. The work lasted for years, but in the end, the result was just right. A sports and health application that has a lot of customization functions, from selecting the level of difficulty to selecting medical conditions. The smart application thus adapts to the user's needs.

Florin wants to support everyone who wants to do sports

Fitness and aerobics coach Florin Prodana has always argued that the role of sport must be very well defined and explained, movement being essential not only for a beautiful body, but also for a sharp mind, for self-confidence. 136bpm.ro offers, in addition to modern, personalized training programs, and explanations for all problems related to sports, weight loss and mentality. All this online, giving customers the opportunity to use them from the comfort of their own home or wherever they are. Coach-entrepreneur Florin Prodana created the sports and health platform thinking about how many people will help in the future. And not only from our country, it can be accessed from all over the world. The program, extremely complex, meets all the needs of the market and will surely delight both users and partners.

Florin Prodana appeared in a Catena commercial spot

Due to the results obtained, fitness coach Florin Prodana was invited and participated in various television activities. He made a video spot for Catena, which focused on the benefits of Calzamedi sports shoes, a material that was highly appreciated. In addition, Florin Prodana is a constant presence in video materials dedicated to sports and a healthy life, which are published on www.slabsaugras.ro and www.sensotv.ro.

Florin participated in the launch of 136bpm.ro, within Forbes Lady event

Regarding the presence in the media, we can not ignore the official launch of the sports and health application 136bpm.ro, which took place during an elegant, traditional event, Forbes Lady 2020. Surrounded by business personalities from our country, Florin extensively presented the online fitness program, explaining the facilities and advantages it has.

136bpm.ro, the culmination of Florin Prodana's activity

His experience in television helped him develop his skills and from here to the creation of the sports and health application was only a step. We must mention that the programs developed by Florin have always been very successful. For companies or for individuals the fitness trainings created by Florin had the expected results, and the clients were always very satisfied. The same happened with the fitness application 136bpm.ro. On the site you can read a lot of real testimonials, which attest to the remarkable results obtained by those who chose the sports and health platform to lose weight, to tone up or to develop muscle mass.

The 136bpm.ro application follows personal development through sports

The project conceived by the fitness instructor Florin Prodana and his team is built in such a way as to offer maximum benefits and aims primarily at personal development through sports. It addresses all age groups and is a faithful and reliable friend, but also a serious and rigorous coach, who is just a click away, in any corner of the world!