A healthy diet and sport, certain types of exercises, are vital for the Romanian people suffering of diabetes, especially since the number is increasing. 823.000 is the dramatic number of the people diagnosed with this disease, which means approximately 12,4% of the country’s population. And it is even more severe that the incidence of diabetes is rising among children, with over 3.400 cases registered in 2018, according to the Ministry of Health. Therefore, the attention granted to health makes a difference between a life without ordeal and prolonged suffering in case of the apparition of certain diseases!

What sport activities are recommended to people suffering of diabetes? 

Before practicing any type of physical exercise, a person suffering of diabetes, regardless if this is a child or an adult, must go through a physical consult. This is mandatory! Only a doctor will be able to tell which movements are recommended, and, this way, the patient will also be able to see which are good for him and to discuss them with the doctor. All that matters is that the diabetes doesn’t stop anybody from physical movement! Even more, it is recommended! According to specialists in this field, physical exercises improve the secretion of insulin. There’s practically nothing prohibited for a person suffering of diabetes: from running, swimming, basketball, yoga or other sport trainings at the gym or at home, with apps made by experiences coaches. However, the amount of exercises are important, and these must be first discussed with a specialist. Especially since the physical exercises depend on the type of diabetes, the metabolism of each patient, and his/her general state. 

5 major benefits of the sport for people suffering of diabetes 

1. According to experts, physical activity strengthens the bones and the muscles of a child or those of an adult suffering of diabetes.

2. Sport discharges stress and relaxed the mind and body of a person suffering of diabetes, especially since his/her disease may bring many other types of complications, if not taken care of.

3. Physical exercises reduce the corporal weight by burning calories.

4. Sports drastically reduce the sugars and fats consumed by a person suffering of diabetes during the day.

5. Physical activities support a better blood circulation which, over time, becomes deficient in case of persons suffering of diabetes and regulates the cardiac rhythm of a person suffering of diabetes. 

What types of food are recommended in case of diabetes? 

Experts recommend a balanced diet, refraining from sweets, too much fruit, because these contain sugars with a high level of concentration. Just as in the case of soft drinks. Or... Especially in the case of soft drinks, which should be avoided! The diet of a person suffering of diabetes has strict limits concerning the carbohydrates and fats, depending of the stage of the diabetes and its possible complications. A few thin slices of bread per day, a baked apple, soups and boiled meat may be found in the menu of a kid or adult with diabetes. However, the diet must be customized mandatorily by a doctor. Not all persons suffering of diabetes need the same quantity or quality of food! Moreover, a person suffering of diabetes must consume vegetables with a low level of carbohydrates, such as tomatoes, peppers, spinach, nettle, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce or fruits such as strawberries, pomegranate and pineapple, which have a negative intake of sugars. Potatoes or carrots are also recommended, but only in limited quantities. Everything must be discussed with a specialist first. Frequent meals, but not quantitative, and at fixed hours, help in the secretion of insulin! 

5 benefits of the nutrition by the book for persons suffering of diabetes 

1. Maintains a normal level of glycaemia in the blood

2. Balanced nutrition eliminates the need to eat sweets

3. Slows down the evolution of the disease 

4. By maintaining a normal glycaemia, the apparition of complications are avoided. 

5. Ensures a state of well-being and psychological comfort of the person suffering of diabetes.

How does diabetes occur?

According to specialists, diabetes may occur at any age and has multiple causes, from stress to the excessive consumption of sugars and it may even be genetically inherited. Practically, this disease presupposes the apparition of a major deficiency between the food consumption and the energy given by nutrition in the cells. The insulin secreted by the pancreas it the one doing the energy transfer. If the insulin is not sufficient, then the sugars remain in the blood and act like a sandpaper at cellular level. The insulin that ensures the energy transport may have varied quantities in case of persons suffering of diabetes. Those with a reduced level of insulin become addicted to the injections with this substance, they become addicted to insulin. In their case, the functions of the pancreas are taken over by the insulin introduced in the organism. In order to avoid these complications, do not forget to take care of your diet, to exercise regularly and to respect the sleeping and eating times! Keep yourselves healthy for a long and beautiful life! 

This material was made based on information obtained from nutrition and metabolic diseases specialists. Do not forget that depending on the stage of your diabetes, you must see a doctor, who will recommend what types of physical exercises you can do and what diet to follow. 

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Text: Roxana Chivu