Whether we are talking about team sports such as football, handball or gymnastics or we talk about individual workouts for children aged between 3 and 17, their participation in physical activity brings about short, medium and long-term benefits. Both recreational as well as competitive sports clear away the drama of today's children who only move one hand to play online or to practice web surfing, which might affect the mind or a child or which may create physical health problems such as joint pain. Here are the 7 strong arguments brought by world experts in favor of doing sports during childhood. 

Sports intensifies child's physical and social skills

This means that the child will have no working and social environment adapting issues as an adult as well as that he/ she will best exploit his/ her physical and mental resources to reach his/ her objectives. 

Sport practice during childhood disciplines both boys and girls 

It teaches them to live by a schedule which would make the most of their time, from homework to their use of free time.Once this routine which is beneficial both for mental as well as bodily health is learned, the child will apply it when he/she becomes an adult.He/ she will become a very well-organized, prolific, efficient adult, prepared for human interaction, but also for expressing himself/ herself and for approaching the people around. Children in Northern countries, for example have daily schedules for their daily activities.These children are taken to swimming, cycling or to winter sports since they are very young.Is it by chance that the Northern countries are so effective and prolific? 

Practicing sports clears away boredom from a child's life.

This happens not only because sport covers a time gap, but also because physical sport is also a sport of the mind.After doing sports, the child might want to play chess, to watch a football match on TV or to read a book about his/her favorite sport.Furthermore, sport brings the child closer to other active children, and thus he/ she will learn to fit quickly into the community and even to be innovative and to support the community he/ she is part of even by means of a game such as:"Let's have fun by planting flowers in front of the block of flats!".There are simple and healthy things which have been taking place for years outside Romania, in Western countries and which can now also be learned by our children. 

Physical activity highly stimulates both emotional, as well as psychical health

This is due to stimulating chemicals in the brain such as serotonin, also name the happiness hormone.Long lasting optimism and positive energy are obtained during childhood, through workout.The eyes of a child will be sparkly and his cheeks flushed after running through the park even for half an hour or after bouncing a basketball before family meal on Sundays.After this, there will be nap time, which will replenish the mental and energy resources of the child. 

Sport helps prevent severe illnesses

Scientists have found that intense physical activity in case of children reduces the likelihood of certain illnesses such as early onset obesity or diabetes, or conditions of adult life such as colon cancer or heart conditions (find out more details at shorturl.at/gjHW9). Any parents would like his/ her child to be healthy, so this may be the strongest argument to support and urge the child to do physical activity or to play more.

Sport teaches children how to react when losing 

As adults, we may say that knowing how to lose without lowering your morale or your self-esteem is an art. If the coach criticizes the child for not obtaining the best time during a swimming contest, the child will learn not that he/she is scolded, but that he/she needs to respect an authority and to analyze his/her mistakes in order to correct them and in order to be better at the next competition.Life has good and bad parts and children must be ready to face any type of challenges! 

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Text: Roxana Chivu