A child becomes very energetic and will need to move a lot, since his very first steps, in order to remain active for the rest of his life. If when we were kids we used to play Hopscotch, Duck-Duck-Goose, Blind Man's Buff or Hide and Seek in the streets, and our minds, bodies and spirits developed in harmonious ways, now computers, video games or smartphones turn a high number of children into inactive little robots. Don't let that happen! Parents play a key role in children's development! The little ones will follow their parents if they see them as active as possible, or that they practice a specific sport, such as swimming, tennis, aqua gym, that fitness is their passion or that they use online sport appsat home. Parents are the first role model that a child follows and they will play a key part throughout the rest of his life!

Other reasons why you should let your child play sports

Experts also mention the development of three important qualities: ambition, dedication and patience - which a child can acquire through constantly-practiced exercises. When it comes to physical health, specialists also emphasize the importance of bone strengthening, but also cardio fitness, an effect achieved thanks to each type of physical activity chosen for a child or teenager, until 18 years of age. Sport will keep his heart healthy for many years and will keep him away from unhealthy habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Parents will be proud to see how their child becomes a role model for other children!

Back to parent's role in sporting education 

 If a child is reluctant to practicing sports and answers his parent that he would spend one hour in front of the computer rather than cycle in the park because that means a lot of effort, then the parent can activate himself as a role model. Mum or Dad can exercise at home with the help of online sport apps on their smartphones or tablets, or they can attract the child by inviting them to play a video game together, after which they go out for a half an hour family jog or run. Also, parents can speak to the little ones in order to find out the real reason why they avoid sports, and to explain them why it would be best for them to become more ambitious. Another method would be to offer children famous examples, internationally-recognized and admiration-worthy role models.

Professional sports people as guides for children 

Famous tennis player Novak Djokovic guides children towards sports, with the help of his foundation. "The Importance of Sports for Children" is one of the articles through which the famous sportsman tries to attract children towards tennis or any kind of sports, informing them, based on specialist studies, about the fact that sports have several positive physical and emotional aspects, as we have previously explained. Novak Djokovic's foundation has also developed a research programme at the University of Belgrade, through which it aims to convince more and more youngsters that sports will bring nothing but benefits into their adult lives. Does anyone still have doubts about the essential part that sports play in people's lives, from our first steps until the age of 80? 

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Text: Roxana Chivu