Among the secrets of youth, we can count fitness, nutrition, as well as a correct facial cleansing, an extremely important element for your beauty. Don't forget, your charm shows on your face! For a healthy, enviable skin, you only need a small amount of your time, but a little more ambition, in order to follow a beauty ritual including cleansing, fitness - even five minutes a day, as well as a healthy, but not necessarily expensive, diet. Quantities can be moderate, but choose foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins. Costs will not leave your wallet empty, but will fill out voids such as lack of self-confidence or the frustration that some other women might be better looking.

The importance of a correct facial cleansing ritual 

Through a daily facial cleansing ritual, you can obtain medium and long term benefits, if you only set aside some time for yourself, no matter how busy you are. Your beauty does not need special salts, tricks, alchemy, or super-advanced rejuvenating technologies, but only the willpower of a natural-born beautiful Romanian! Dermatologists' advice is to write down in your agenda, just like a business woman, that you need daily cleansing. 

The steps for a by the book beauty ritual! 

1. Everything starts in the morning, before leaving the house, with a micellar water for your face, and also a similar product for the sensitive area around your eyes. Apply the cleansing lotion also on your neck and cleavage area! It is essential, because the skin in these areas is sensitive as well, so it needs the same care and attention on your part!

2. In your own privacy, you carry on the beauty ritual that puts you in a good mood, because you feel as if you'd get ready for a special event, or because you just know that this guarantees a firm skin for years to come, by washing your face gently, with warm water and natural soap.

3. With a smile in your eyes and on your lips, you start seeing how fatigue disappears from your face, and then you apply a tonic lotion to close your pores and firm your skin.

4.Next up, there comes the moment that awakens your senses of smell, making you even happier. Even more, you can even feel like a superstar who is ready to show up in public. You apply a moisturizing cream on your face, and also a special one, also a moisturizer, on your eyelids and the area surrounding your eyes. Use the cream to massage also the neck and cleavage areas. It is the most pleasant moment for a woman. A delicate massage, meant to refresh the skin and the spirit!

5. In the end, you have a fresh and revigorated look, which is also revigorating for those around you, as well as very healthy. There comes the moment when, just like a Hollywood actress, you apply a discreet, barely noticeable make-up, but which highlights your cheekbones, emphasizes the beauty of your eyes, and gives your lips an extra bit of sensuality.

In the evening, you will apply the same ritual, with the difference that the creams you will use at that point have been created by specialists precisely for night time. In fact, cream is what helps the skin breathe! 

How an online sports app can help you

In order for you to reap fast and visible benefits , even only after a week, it is important for you to respect your ritual, by making permanent appointments in your agenda. You can skip five minutes from a movie to open our online sports app. You can plan your cooking hour according to how you plan your workout time. It's simple, but it has miraculous effects, even after only a few days. Don't forget that it's highly recommended to eat half an hour, even an hour, after having worked out. Besides, the body needs food two hours before workout, in order to provide the necessary energy for the exercise you'll be making with the help of the sports app. These online workouts are short in duration, but intense in effort, which makes them very effective. Plus, they are presented by fitness specialists and trainers who also demonstrate knowledge of nutrition, biology and even medicine. 

Weight loss and health program - 

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Text: Roxana Chivu