Staying hydrated is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but is water the best choice when it comes to a correct hydration? You keep hearing or seeing ads about how drinking at least two liters of liquids a day is a "must", and doctors' advice is clinically proven for cells' longevity and refreshing. Surprisingly or not, water is not actually the best hydrating liquid. However, in some combinations, water can become the best hydrating liquid again. Below we are going to explain you how. 

How does the human body absorb water most effectively?

This was the big question for a group of German researchers from Berlin, who started a new trend in hydration. One that is 100% effective! We are all different and we need to constantly adapt to the environment, the way we used to do 33,000 years ago, in the Superior Paleolithic, as stated by some medicine specialists. If a newborn's body is made 80% of water, an adult reaches 65%, and an elderly person - 55%. The process also depends on each person's metabolism. German researchers have discovered what is the ideal liquid that keeps water molecules in the human body for a longer time.

What is the most hydrating liquid, then?

German researchers have analyzed four groups of corporate professionals. The first one drank nothing but water during morning hours. The second one, just orange juice. The third one, coffee with milk, and the fourth one received only glasses of milk. Lab tests' results indicated that milk hydrates in the long run, thanks to its protein contribution, but also low levels of fat and sugar, which keep it in the stomach for a longer while. On the second place came coffee with milk. It was followed by water and orange juice, the latter being far to sweet and is quickly eliminated from the body.

Is electrolytic water a solution or not?

Not even electrolytic water feeds the cells for a long enough time. This is a delicious combination of lemon and lime juice, honey or agave nectar, coconut water, cold water and a little bit of salt, a combination that can be consumed during brunch, lunch, or even in the evening, during dinner. The only problem is that it is too sweet, and, as stated before, the body needs to get rid of this combination very quickly, as it does not find it very beneficial.

Thus, German researchers have looked for the chemical method for water to hydrate the human body to the maximum.  Thorough lab tests have proven that water becomes the no.1 hydration option in combination with reduced amounts of salt and sugar. Warning! This combination is not recommended for people suffering from health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes without medical advice. Also, the amounts of salt and sugar in the water should be advised by a specialist, even for a person in good health.   

The ideal cocktail for water absorption

Its name is Nimbu Paani and it is consumed in India. It has a flavour that is typical to Mumbai. The recipe is very simple and it can be prepared at home. All you have to do is mix an average-sized lemon, with two glasses of water, a quarter of a tea spoon of salt, with a quarter or half a tea spoon of sugar, a few mint leaves, a few slices of lemon (optional), a small amount of cumin and masala powder.

In the absence of exotic ingredients, you can stick to a healthy glass of water with salt and sugar and a little bit of lemon for a better taste. Your body tells you how much water to drink in order to stay hydrated and when to stop. A doctor can do it too, according to your weight, your health condition or the energy you consume every day.  

Actress Charlize Theron's method

The gorgeous actress Charlize Theron admits that she keeps her looks by using expensive products in her day-to-day routine, however, all these products are based on natural ingredients which ensure skin hydration. Beyond the arsenal of luxury skincare products, the actress makes sure to consume her fair share of liquids after long hours of tennis and yoga. Through its pores, the skin absorbs as much water as it can, so bathing after a long day on the filming set or after sport surely helps her body to revigorate. Everything boils down to the self-discipline she employs when showing herself to the world! A self-discipline you can also have!

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Text: Diana Ungureanu