How do you find your motivation to lose weight?

If you want to see your diet through to the end, it is very important to take into consideration the psychological factor, determination, which is what motivates you to get rid of the extra kilos. There is no point in having high expectations, if they don't match your attitude and your character. Be realistic with the objectives you set for yourself and make sure you take into consideration the following essential steps in any weight loss process. And never forget that your psyche can be your biggest ally in the weight loss process, as well as your sworn enemy.  

Realistic weight loss expectations

If you plan to lose 10 kilos a week, you have already started on the wrong foot. Apart from the fact that it is not healthy to lose weight all of a sudden, it is quite unlikely, psychologically speaking, for you to cope with such a rough diet. A more realistic target, as well ad recommended by specialists, is between half a kilo and one kilo per week. A research carried out by doctors of  Villa Garda Hospital, Verona, Italy, showed that women who expected to lose the highest number of extra kilos stood the highest chances to give up on their diet. This is why unrealistic objectives should be stopped at the beginning of the diet.

Lose weight with a plan that suits you

If you want to make a change in your life and you choose a weight loss method which does not match your schedule, your chances to succeed will decrease dramatically. Don't completely eliminate certain foods and try not to surrender to those impulses that tell you that you have to be radical. Your lifestyle change must be gradual, give your body the chance to get used to these changes. With the help of a personal trainer you can begin a diet that is right for you. If you are very busy, you can make recourse to ahome-based weight loss programme, a trusted aid for your figure.

Don't search for perfection. 

Everyone makes mistakes, and if it happens for you to make a food excess or to skip your workout, simply forgive yourself! If you blame yourself for any mistake, your mood will go down. And your psyche is probably the most important factor when you want to reach your purpose. Besides, learn to appreciate yourself just the way you are, love yourself more and enjoy every achievement you have.

Find yourself a role model for a healthy lifestyle.

It could be either a star, a friend, or a personal trainer - a role model could be exactly what you need. However, be careful, because if you choose to follow, for example, a very skinny person whose size could be very difficult for you to reach, frustration will take over. Choose a role model with a healthy lifestyle with whom you have something in common, or a common purpose.  

A personal trainer could be the solution.

If you feel like you need an extra motivation, a personal trainer could be the best solution. He or she could motivate you in the right way, and can advise you as far as both your workout routine and your diet are concerned. You can also make recourse to an online sports platform, which can offer you personalized workouts and essential advice about a correct nutrition. Besides, if necessary, a psychologist and a dietician can offer you some extra support.

If you are optimistic, you can lose weight faster.

Do you see life in black or white? When you think positively, when you have confidence in yourself, your chances to lose weight are higher. On the contrary, negative thoughts will get you in a state of mind which is not at all beneficial to the accomplishment of your established objectives. "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty", Winston Churchill used to say, and his words represent a truth that can be helpful for you. Our advice is to try and speak positively of yourself or how you wish to lose weight to those around you, and, why not, praise yourself when you reach a success in your battle with the extra kilos.

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Text: Florin Prodana