Fitness trackers are the best choice if you want to lose weight in a healthy and efficient way. They are created up to date with the modern technology and have a variety of functions that help you achieve the desired results. When you choose a fitness tracker, it is important, beyond the aesthetic part, to analyze its technical criteria, features and functions. 

Here are the best fitness trackers in 2020!

  • Vivoactive 4S

It’s a fitness watch tracker that provides the user with revolutionary functions. Practically, it is a sort of personal trainer that shows you an on screen animation indicating how to correctly perform your exercises and workouts. The fitness watch measures the stress level and when it is increased it can recommend different activities, including breathing techniques. It measures all the necessary functions, steps, burned calories, sleep, menstrual cycleand breathing and can be used for listening to music, even when you don't have the phone around.

  • Apple Watch Series 5

Same as the previous generations of Apple fitness watches, it measures the daily physical activity, including power workouts and yoga. Even if it’s not on, Apple’s fitness watch records your every move, being able to recognize it. It has a heart rate monitor, like an electrocardiogram, which tracks irregular heart movements and alert the user in case of an irregular heartbeat. Its screen has the always-on function, which does not allow the screen to darken while you check your stats.

  • Suunto 5

This type of fitness tracker watch has an elegant pattern, being less bulky than other similar accessories and is designed to withstand the weather conditions. In addition, it is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. The tracker has GPS features developed so it can draw your way back in the case of a hike, for example. The clock allows you to create a workout plan which can be adjusted according to your preferences and provides details about the intensity of the exercises based on your heart rate. Suunto 5 is not only monitoring the exercises you do, but also monitors sleep, relaxation time, calories burned and the covered distance.

  • Whoop

This fitness trackerdoes not only displays the burned calories and the covered distance, but it also has a function that allows you to determine if, after a training, you are physically ready for the next one or if you need more time to rest. It is also waterproof but has no built-in GPS, and you need a phone connection to check the stats.

  • Fitbit Versa 2

It is a watch type tracker, a masculine model, with a waterproof case up to a depth of 50 meters. It records the steps in real time and is especially recommended for people who run or swim. The battery lasts up to a week, provides information about the quality and duration of sleep and, in addition, calculates the menstrual cycle.

  • Fitbit Charge 3

Even if you forget to record your workout, this type of fitness watch tracker has the ability to recognize when you are moving and thus record the steps, but also the time you spend sleeping. It is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters, displays heart rate and burned calories, even during a swim program. Another revolutionary feature of this fitness tracker is that it can calculate, for women, the fertile period of the month. After charging, the battery lasts about a week. The fitness watch has a built-in calendar and displays weather conditions, however, it has no built-in GPS. The Fitbit Ionic model is available for this function.

  • Misfit Vapor 2

It is a watch type fitness tracker, with an elegant pattern which you can customize according to your preferences. The watch has 8 detachable faces, in 8 different colors and also has a GPS function. Beyond these aesthetic features, the watch can also be used without a phone, including listening to music. It also measures the calories you have burned, the distance, speed, time and you can also use it to make payments by activating the Google Pay feature.

  • Galaxy Watch

This fitness watch is an elegant model that measures physical activity, sleep time and burned calories. It also has a calendar, depending on the weather and allows you to see the incoming phone calls on its display. Like an Apple watch, it can be connected to phone apps, you can make phone calls and even send text messages, but it is preferable to be connected with Samsung and not with Apple phones.

  • Motiv Fitness Ring

It’s a ring-shaped fitness tracker, with no screen, and the stats can be seen on the phone. It is waterproof, for a maximum 50 meters depth, being a device recommended for people who love to swim. It tracks steps, calories, heart rate and sleep and can be selected based on the wrist size.

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Text: Mădălina Munteanu