Stress not only makes you put on weight, but it also has a lot of other negative effects on your body. In order to chase away stress and anxiety in 2020, also known as the "burnout syndrome", as well as educate your mind and body to really enjoy life, follow the 5 rituals cycle below!  They are simple, fast, recommended by doctors and help you get rid of this century's epidemic called stress, which, as you know, makes you put on weight! This is serious business and we kid you not: do not become a "vegetable"! :)Stress has negative effects on the body, resulting in headaches, muscular tension, fatigue or insomnia. It also affects one's general state of mind through anxiety, lack of patience, sadness, or lack of motivation, according to the famous American Mayo Clinic of Minessota.According to the same source, stress alters our behavior, making us irritable, perhaps drawing us to alcohol or smoking as fake methods of escapism, or making us antisocial and rebellious. But you are different!Smile, because all negative effects can be chased away with just a tiny bit of willpower. Get into action and don't let extra kilos pile up!

Sport helps you get rid of stress

No matter what type of exercise you choose, it is the top priority for you to quickly get rid of stress in 2020. Sport releases tension. Sport releases endorphins in the brain, and these are vital substances that cause a state of well-being on a neuronal level. Also, sport acts as a meditation method, as you focus strictly on what you have to do, releasing all heavy thoughts. Last but not least, if you work out in regular sessions you will become more confident, therefore stress will disappear on its own. It is guaranteed that even 15 minutes of sport will give you a fantastic state of mind! 

Fun diminishes stress levels

By fun, scientists refer to those things that give you a state of inner joy. It could be about dancing at home for a few minutes, about humming a song, about taking a walk in the fresh air or about a meeting with friends, family or colleagues, when you smile and talk about pleasant topics. Having fun has multiple forms, not necessarily associated with partying, or an adventurous spirit or high adrenaline. Here, you can trust other American specialists, the ones from Centerstone, an organization which has been helping entire communities stay mentally healthy for 170 years. They say that laughter (be it physical, or the one within our hearts) brings us to life, connects us with people and increases our chances to establish wonderful relationships. 

The environment and its effects on stress

Your home is your authentic happiness sanctuary. Several decades ago, Nordic nations discovered that they can get rid of the depressive states caused by the short duration of the day, the heavy clouds and the cold, if they create a pleasant environment in their own homes. Danes have a specific word, which is untranslatable, and which they use to describe the created state of happiness: Hygge, which in English is pronounced "hoo-ga". In order to feel the joy, they have created a "home oriented", home-made, almost common lifestyle. This involves lighting candles in the evening, soft and comfortable blankets, hot chocolate, warm and relaxing drinks or home decorations to match one's taste. As other nations have adopted it, let it be Hygge in 2020 for you as well!

Voluntary work can help you get rid of stress

In Romania, voluntary work is still at its beginning stage, but join this international trend with proven benefits on people's general well-being. To help other people, to offer a small amount of your own time, helps you get rid of stress and negative thoughts. Dutch people are great specialists when it comes to voluntary work. Either if they visit old people's homes, or if they choose to cook for the poor, to take part in charity actions and competitions, they use their free time to offera small personal support to the community. This way, they feel fulfilled and relaxed. With a simple Google search, "volunteering the Netherlands", you will see that the hours they dedicate to helping the others is a practice that can be found from Amsterdam to Utrecht, another famous town in the Netherlands. Be amongst the first ones to apply these good practicesof beautiful Western lifestyle and the sun will also shine for you!

Be optimistic and stress will be replaced with joy

At the beginning of 2020, the famous CNN political journalist Christiane Amanpour chose to interview the famous British doctor and presenter Rangan Chatterjee, in order to offer the population various stress-diminishing strategies. So, CNN has also kicked off this year with stress-fighting advice, as we are talking about a worldwide disease, which is present at all ages. The doctor explained that up to 90% of his patients are struggling with stress-related affections and one of the suggested solutions is to find pleasure at work, in the family, in your hobbies and in the things you love. This is exactly what brings optimism back to you. Also CNN emphasizes optimism as being a key factor for chasing away the stress in an article that was also published at the beginning of this year, where a specialist reminds us how optimism is generated by avoiding self-blame. You cannot keep blaming yourself for your failures forever, but you can remind yourself that you are the only one who can control your state of mind. CNN journalists also advise us to keep calm! The brain can be trained to become optimistic! Only 25% of our genes are programmed to be optimistic. All the rest is self-training!

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Text: Roxana Chivu