Menstruation is part of your life as a woman, so it should not stop you from pursuing the activities that make you feel comfortable in your own skin, but also work out. Although sports during your menstruation period might be the last thing you feel like doing, there are several reasons why it would be best for you not to give up. Of course, without pushing your limits!

Sport boosts your mood

As we already know, women on their period confront themselves with higher stress levels and are less flexible to what happens to them during those days. Some of them are more anxious, others feel really down, whilst others experience none of these states whatsoever. Regardless of our emotions, these hormonal fluctuations are normal, so don't let your period deprive you of your pleasures, especially sport! Besides, there are studies that support positive affirmations about sports during your period. But, better still, try them on by yourself! Go to the gym, at your own pace, do your normal fitness routine, and give your body a well-deserved portion of endorphins.

Sport decreases the fatigue!

If you are part of the "I'm too tired to work out" category, believe me when I say that sports is exactly what you need to shake you out of this lethargic state. Although the changes that your body feels during your period enhance the state of fatigue, you must know that a light workout will be beneficial to your body, giving it an energy boost. 

Sport during your period reduces the pain

As we previously discussed, during sporting performances, our body releases substances called endorphins, which are responsible for our good mood, and not only. Endorphins also have an impact on cramps, bloating, and all pain in general, reducing its intensity.

What type of exercises you can do during your period

First of all, you must not force yourself to work out. You must listen to your body, and if it asks for rest while you function on the "a day without working out is a lost day" principle, you can try some easy exercises to boost your mood, and by no means worsen your state.

  • You can opt for half an hour of light jogging. It will give you back your energy, and besides, it will diminish abdominal cramps, which are caused by menstruation.
  • Pilates and yoga trainings could be an excellent way to relax and help you get rid of the irritable state. Yoga positions represent a good method to set your feminine muscles in motion, helping uterus contractions stop.
  • If you use weights, opt for lighter ones, which should not put pressure on your abs or spine. 
  • Legs exercises are also safe, as well as you keep a slow rhythm. Squats, lunges and foot movements will help you feel better.

Therefore, it would be good to view "that time of the month" as another dimension of sexuality! Your period should not be a monthly burden to keep you away from your pleasures. Together with a healthy diet and drinking enough water, nothing's going to stop you!

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Text: Mădălina Munteanu