Sport is tightly connected to health and life quality, irrespective whether we refer to adults or children.It has been proven that regular exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps control blood pressure. Sports has a major contribution in weight control, fights against obesity, decreases the risk of cancer, helps with children's bones mineralization, contributes to preventing osteoporosis and fractures in case of the elderly.Physical exercise reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, increases self-esteem, makes us more optimistic and more enthusiastic.

Benefits of sport for children

Children under 5 should benefit from at least 3 hours of exercise daily, including playing outside.Walking, dancing, swimming, climbing, jumping, cycling, running are very suitable activities for this age group.

National Health Service in the UK recommends for children aged between 5 and 18 two types of physical exercise weekly: Aerobics and exercise which strengthen their muscles and bones.They should perform moderate exercise daily, for 60 minutes, and to participate weekly in diverse physical activities, which should help them gain and develop movement abilities.

Depending on their preference, children aged over 5 may choose activities such as tennis, gymnastics, football, dancing, running and basketball.Exercise may include playing, not only structured activities.Riding the bike, climbing stairs, walking to school are activities which may be done daily by most children. 

Sport improves movement coordination, helps maintain balance, develops flexibility, resilience and deftness, increases agility, tones the muscles, improves the cardiovascular system. 

Active children have higher focus ability and better distributive attention.Exercise provides children with the possibility of learning values such as friendship, solidarity, loyalty, respect, teamwork, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-control.

Physical activities provides only advantages, irrespective of age. 

World Health Organization recommends for adults 30 minutes of exercise daily, in order to reduce risks for obesity and cardiovascular conditions.If we add 20 minutes of stretching daily, we improve blood circulation, we strengthen our muscles, shape our bodies and improve overall performance. 

Up to 35 years of age muscle mass and muscle flexibility maintenance exercises are ideal.Depending on the preference, during this time in life almost all types of physical activity can be done. 

Between 35 and 65 we start losing bone density and muscle mass is acceleratingly reduced, lacking exercise.We must make more efforts for maintaining muscle flexibility.Thus, the following are recommended: swimming, dancing, water gym and cycling.Running, dance, martial arts and fitness are ideal workouts for correct posture, especially in case of people who spend a lot of time at the office. .

For people over 65 exercise which improves balance, coordination and works the bone and muscle systems, in order to prevent osteoporosis and sarcopenia is recommended.In this case, some of the indicated activities are: walks, gymnastics, Pilates and stretching. Weights workout is essential for maintaining muscle mass.Water exercise is very useful in case of the elderly, as joints strain is reduced.More active life slows down the development of degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

Specialists state that, with age, the body of sedentary people deteriorates faster.Thus, sport is essential for more mobile body, for stronger bones, for reducing the risk of fractures following falls, which are pretty common in case of the elderly. 

Exercise provides excellent stimulation for the brain and body in case of chronic patients or in some types of cancer, as it improves mental balance, treatment tolerance, therapy efficacy, strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue. 

Exercise has both physical, as well as mental and social benefits.In case of many people who suffer from depression, sport is the most effective and the healthiest treatment.Exercise increases physical resilience and consolidates self-respect, especially when you reach your goals.Sport offers benefits irrespective of age, provides well-being for the entire life. 

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Text:Nicoleta Pescu