Coach Florin Prodana helps you lose weight at home

For Florin Prodana, sport is not just a job, but a lifestyle that requires discipline, daily training, healthy eating and personal development. With 20 years of experience and remarkable results that completely changed the lives of those who asked for his help, Florin Prodana decided to create, a sport platform dedicated to those concerned with beauty and health. A graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, fitness and aerobics coach, Florin Prodana started his career 20 years ago, with the desire to do performance sports and to spread the message that training does not only help us. to lose weight and keep fit, but also to prevent a lot of ailments.

What does the project means?

Since 2019, has become an extremely important part of my activity. Together with a dedicated team, with a lot of work and passion, we have created a project built with the heart that offers members the opportunity to lose weight from home or wherever they are. It means having your own fitness and nutrition coach, not wasting your time on the way to the gym, all just a click away. Our weight loss and health program contains information of interest to those who are concerned about their appearance and personalized, varied, effective and modern workouts. We focus primarily on personal development through sports, we address all age groups and we are sure that we will be a faithful and trustworthy friend, but also a serious and rigorous coach.

Where does the chosen name, 136BPM, come from?

I was telling you that this is a project built with the heart, hence the name. As you know, sometimes, on effort, we can have 136 beats per minute, but 136 bpm is the rhythm of the music I use, for example, in training, because it makes me feel good. I want to pass on the same well-being to those I train.

What does sport means to you and what message do you send?

Whether we are talking about performance sports or maintenance, it teaches you to form a solid character, to play by the rules and to respect them. In addition, it teaches you that no matter if you lose or win, no matter how big the obstacles are, you must have courage and confidence. Every time, we have to start over whenever we need to! Basically, sport disciplines you and teaches you what life is like. I want to give people the chance to be more beautiful, healthier, to be better.

How did you come up with the idea to create

I always wanted to offer something important, that represents me, but also to be useful to people. I wanted to do this for my family as well. My two sisters, Alina and Dorinela, want to do sports, exercises, but the program does not allow them to come to the gym. This is how the project www.136 was born in my mind and soul. I thought that, seeing videos with trainings, articles, with different degrees of difficulty, adapted to the needs, which end up giving results if they are done correctly, the change they wanted will come. Speaking of a lot of exercises, I remember one extraordinary thing a teacher once said to me: "If you can walk after a lot of knee bends, done correctly, you have to go back to the gym." Since then I have learned that it is better to have muscle fever than regrets later, when the weight goes crazy! I also learned not to stop when I get tired, but only when I finish training. This is what I say, in my turn, to all those who have chosen me to be their personal trainer, in the gym or online. I am always with those I train and we fight together for results. This means for me the project, a sports platform that contains information of interest for all those concerned with beauty, health and their own appearance. The platform is for me a lifestyle, which I want to share with all those who are with me and voluntarily choose change for the better.

Can you say that you have a nice job that brings you a lot of benefits?

Surely! Sports, exercises in general, give me an extraordinary plus for my physical and mental health, I have energy, tone and I feel very good. This is what I want for those who will be members of To be a successful coach you have to do things with all your heart, you have to show passion, patience and perseverance. Only in this way will you be appreciated for the results obtained. There is also a joy, a satisfaction, which surpasses them all. It is about the change you produce in those you train, when you see that they become beautiful and healthy, after a lot of work and passion.

How is different, what brings new in the fitness area?

I believe, in fact I am convinced, that we have a different way of thinking than other projects. First of all, because we are primarily focused on personal development through sports. We are talking about an interconnections platform that we want you to approach and fall in love with, and for that we want to do it together with those who use it. We want to become an integral part of people's lives through the offer of services, but also through the approach. Thus, everyone will receive the results of their work and will enjoy success. The project is still underway, we have a talented team that is constantly working to add quality content. So, I invite you all to take part in this wonderful project and keep fit together.