If you haven't decided yet whether to exercise with a personal trainer or alone, we are telling you that the option of a coach who creates your personalized training is the best. Remember that a personal trainer has years of experience, which is extremely useful for a custom vision about nutrition, exercise types and lifestyle that is proper for you. One thing is to exercise as an amateur, and another when you will have someone to support you, motivate you, all for you to lose weight and look like you deserve and as you have always wanted. You can also use a weight loss and health program at home, an online exercise platform where you will have your personal coach, all in the privacy of your home. 

The disadvantages of exercising by yourself

If you want to lose weight or it's the first time you start a serious exercise program, you can be overwhelmed by the changes occurring in your life. In addition, without someone to support and motivate you, it will be difficult for you to go through with your plans. Here are three major disadvantages of exercising alone and the risks you are facing.

You can have an accident. The ambition on having fast results can turn into a serious injury. You need a proper warm-up before any workout. A personalized workout will give you that, which means the risk of injury is seriously lowered.

Lack of results. If you do your exercises just according to your considerations, you may not have the expected results. It is important to work your muscle groups properly so that you have a harmonious body development. The lack of results due to the wrong choice of the trainings can lead to a serious drop of morale and, finally, the abandonment of the initial goals.

Lack of motivation. When you exercise alone, no one can stop you from shortening your workouts or just giving up on them just because you are not into it that day. This is where your coach and his motivational ability come in. 

The benefits of a personal trainer 

You have to see the personalized workouts as a ray of sunshine, of hope. Most likely you have tried many times to start doing sports, but failed to maintain this goal. However, a personalized workout will fit your needs exactly, and a professional can become exactly what you need to keep up with your work.

Customized program. This is probably the most important aspect. A personalized program will help you get the right nutrition and to do the type of workout that your body needs. In addition, it will be helpful to create the exercises that you are able to do. Not too much, not too little, because the balance between nutrition and sport is the key to success. 

Motivation. An essential step that makes the difference. If the coach becomes a role model for you then everything will be much easier. Follow her/his advices, follow her/his recommendations and your life will change for the better.

The correct performance of the workouts. You may think you know how to do physical exercises, but it's not that simple. A personalized workout, a correct balance, for example, between cardio and functional workouts can make the difference between victory and failure. In addition, you will learn how to properly perform an exercise to get the best results.

Diversity. Personalized training also means diversity. With a personal trainer you will not get bored, because you will find new things every day, modern trends from the perspective of exercises and nutrition. 

The conclusion: personalized training is the optimal solution

The advantages of personalized training are far more superior than exercising alone. A professional trainer and a personalized sports program are extremely important factors for you to enjoy a beautiful body and, finally, to look at life differently, to let others admire you, to be happy and to smile more.  

Weight loss and health program - 136BPM.ro 

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Text: Florin Prodana