A list of questions will clarify you about the causes, motivations and desires related to diet, a healthy lifestyle and a normal weight loss process. Yes, you are an important person, the most important person in your life! Imagine that you are a celebrity who speaks about how he/she started his/her diet and how he/she managed to change his/her life. Come on, that'll be interesting! So give yourself at least half an hour to answer a few questions! And if you need more time, it's okay to take a break for a healthy snack!

Why do I begin this weight loss journey?

Millions of people are trying to lose weight because they think they have to! And they have no enthusiasm. Avoid this trap! Find your own motivation, forget about the others, don't compare yourself to them, forget about all the beautiful pictures with slim & fit celebs. Remember that before they looked like this, they been through the same problems as you!

Do I want to lose weight because of fear or because of love?

Even if you think it looks like the first one, it is still a question with a deeper meaning. In other words, I want to lose weight because I have the belief that I will not be accepted if I don’t do it (see how many negations?) or I want to lose weight because I love myself and because I deserve it and I want to be healthy and feel comfortable with myself and then the others will feel better around me? Did you notice how it is all related? Actions that come from fear lead to struggle and stress. The actions that come from love are fun and in time you will see that the effort disappears. 

Is my diet healthy for me?

Use your inner common sense and you will realize if it is a diet that you are able to keep. Our body knows what’s best for it, so respect its needs! Don’t think about how fast you will eliminate the fat from your body, but how will your health improve if you do it! Put aside the magic tricks, because you won’t lose weight over night! Or maybe you will lose a few kilograms and then put them back and you will be disappointed by another failure! Stick with the choice you made, be certain that it was made by you and pursue your health step by step!

Can I transform this diet into a healthy lifestyle?

Short-term diets work... only for a short-term. A new diet means the chance for a new life, a new diet, an exercises program, a new wardrobe, new relationships, new partnerships, therefore a quasi-total change! Usually, weight loss is not the problem, it is the consequence of something much more important. Choose a healthy life plan of which you are happy!

What is my ultimate goal about weight loss?

Do I want to lose weight as quickly as possible, regardless of the costs involved, or my goal is to be healthy for a long term? Be honest, how honest you can be! Find more answers, elaborate, reflect, what's more important now?

What is the cause of unhealthy habits and a chaotic lifestyle?

Go to the root of all unhealthy habits. Don’t think about it, let your impressions, images, memories come from within.Our mind retains everything and your inner voice will guide you through the right answer. Don’t stop at the first answer, take a long way back! For example, you may think that the stress at work is the cause, but before that what was it, maybe finding the job, and before that? Maybe a relationship? And before that? Maybe a fight? Be brave to go to the first memories about eating, how do you eat, why do you eat that way? What happened then?

When you get to the root of this problem, you will feel free. Maybe the problem was born a long time ago and you don’t even know it, but now you have the chance to face it for the first time!

Am I capable, do I really believe that I can reach the desired weight?

Here’s another critical question to better understand yourself. Mentality is very important if you want to succeed! First, give up on everything you’ve heard and on everything the others have told you to do. Give up the “I have to”! Start creating the plan that suits you! Like a tailor-made dress, unique! Make this plan as your own creation, get involved, because it's your life and your life alone. Maybe this trip matters only to you, but it's the most important thing in your life!

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Text: Mihaela Moldoveanu