To increase the muscular mass, besides physical exercises, it is necessary a proper diet, full of healthy foods. Proteins are essential in order to increase the muscular mass, but together with these, you also need vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Even if criticized, the latter become essential when the energy consumption is high. Moreover, fluids have an important role in this scheme. 

How do you increase muscular mass?

• Beans

Beans are a very good source of proteins and, additionally, these contain also fibers that support digestion. Beans have the role of remaking the muscular mass after an intense training and helping in the formation of muscular tissues. A red or black bean salad is ideal after finalizing physical exercises.

• Chicken

Chicken meat is also a veritable source of proteins, it is recommended after training, however, it must be prepared accordingly. This way, chicken or turkey meat must be grilled, boiled or steamed, never fried. You can add oven-baked vegetables on the side. It is important to note that a slice of 100g of chicken meat contains 31g of proteins and only 4g of fats. However, it is essential that the skin is taken off.

• Beef meat

Even if it must be consumed more rarely than chicken meat, being part of the red meat category, beef also contains also creatine along with proteins. Creatine is a natural source of energy and it is essential if you exercise. Additionally, it is an essential source of iron and zinc, minerals that also support the development of muscular mass.

• Fish

Fish, besides the high-quality proteins it contains, brings the necessary intake of healthy fats, Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Salmon is different in this category, being considered an increase regulator and, additionally, efficiently contributes to the remake of the muscular mass after training.

• Eggs

Eggs are the best source of proteins and contain vitamin B12, necessary for muscle contraction and decomposition of fats. Moreover, eggs contain riboflavin, vitamins B6, B12, D and E, iron, phosphor and zinc and you must include them in your menu if you want to increase muscular mass naturally and in a healthy manner.

• Almonds

Almonds are a healthy source of mono-saturated fats and magnesium. Magnesium is used in synthesizing proteins and discharge of energy and, additionally, only a handful of almonds contain almost 8g of proteins, with two more grams than an egg. Moreover, almonds contain vitamin E, which efficiently contributes to the recovery following muscle soreness. Nuts are also part of this category.

• Rice

Carbohydrates, as mentioned above as well, are essential in increasing muscular mass, because these are some sort of fuel for cells and offer energy during training, however, is preferred the consumption of carbohydrates from integral cereals. This way, rice offers the organism the complex carbohydrates that are stored in the organism and, subsequently, during rest, these transform into muscular mass. Attention! Carbohydrates consumed excessively favor the deposit of fats!

• Yogurt

To increase muscular mass, but also for the recovery after training and to avoid muscle pain, yogurt is essential. This contains the ideal combination of carbohydrates and proteins and, additionally, supports the intestinal transit because of the beneficial bacteria from its composition. Yogurt contains conjugated linoleic acid, a type of healthy fat that has the role to reduce the harmful fats from the body, implicitly to help in the process of weight-loss.

• Water

Muscles contain approximately 80% water, thus drinking at least two liters per day becomes essential for persons desiring the increase of muscular mass.

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Text: Mădălina Munteanu