Whether you want to lose weight, to increase your muscle tone, or just want to get into a better mood, exercise and diet are essential. Most likely you have been invaded with "advices" regarding the routine of the losing weight process. Most of the time, those who are overweight tend to make hasty decisions and are thrilled by the "wonder tricks" that frantically gets you rid of the extra weight. Sounds great, but we all know that every single thing or action has a price! And when it comes to one's own pleasures (the pleasure of eating), it is exorbitant. It's hard, let's be serious! You have to arm yourself with ambition, discipline and seriousness to cope with the workouts, and most importantly, to indulge yourself in amnesia... And to forget about the habits that brought you joy, but also about the extra weight!

Going back to the reality of your own body that needs to be worked out, you need to be properly informed about the balance of the body-nutrition-physical activity. Keep in mind, balance is the key to success! And for that, you need the right information and not some wrong and individualized perceptionsregarding your needs…

When you are dieting, do you eat often or rare?

You have to be very careful about the quality and quantity and pay attention to those 5 meals, 3 main and 2 snacks, in order for the body to function properly. Don't wait until you are starving, because you will probably eat more than you need. So, less and often is the winning version!

Does exercising on an empty stomach help you lose weight?

Yes. Even if it seems like a beautiful dream, it would be good to start exercising in the morning, because it is the best time of the day. Being rested, the body will be able to maintain a high tonus, energy, a good mental state, but also to better strengthen the muscles and to burn calories. Experts say that one hour of exercise in the morning is the equivalent of 2-3 hours of exercise in the evening. I tend to believe them and I recommend you to try it!

Sport turns fat into muscle!

It is one of the most common myths among amateurs! This can be a point of view when you want to underline some reasons and that’s it! We are talking about two different tissues and the fat cannot be transformed into muscles. Dieting is the best way to reduce fat, and in both situations, separate workouts are recommended.

Is exercising enough when you want to lose weight?

As Yin and Yang cannot be separated, neither can the diet and exercise exist one without the other! You will not lose weight automatically, regardless of what you eat! Consider that an hour of mild running helps you burn around 200 calories, which you can deposit immediately if you can't resist to a chocolate bar.

It’s all about what you want:respecting yourself, being careful and considerate towards your body! Know your limits, set your goals and give yourself time! The results really matter only after they pass the test of time!

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Text: Mădălina Munteanu