Sport is a significant ally of the physical and mental well-being. Regulated physical activity helps you stay healthy, control your weight, improve your blood circulation, well being and reduces stress. All these factors influence your sexual performance. Thus, sex life in one of the "beneficiaries" of sport, because physical activity determines the increase of endorphins and of testosterone, hormone associated with the libido. A low level of testosterone determined the decrease of the libido, infertility in case of women, erectile dysfunction in case of men. Obesity results in the decrease of the testosterone level and may have negative effects on erection, and sport is one of the main factors fighting these problems.

Physical activities that influence your sexual performance 

Women that regularly exercise feel more desired, studies show, especially because sport increases self-esteem.

Opt for physical exercises that improve the flexibility of the body, such as yoga or pilates, for improved self-esteem, which allows you to accept challenges or come up with new proposals in the bedroom. It is well known that monotony does not go well with passion. 

Pilates exercises act directly on the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis, increase endurance and offer control during the sexual act.

Abdominal muscles are used almost always during sexual activity. You can count on them especially if you do exercises specifically for the abdomen, one of the most recommended among specialists for the improvement of sexual relationships. 

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, help you increase pleasure during the sexual act and to reach an orgasm more easily. Men who regularly do this type of exercises may be able to control their erection and enjoy more intense orgasms. Early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or incapacity to have an orgasm are only a few of the cases in which the Kegel exercises can help.

Yoga gives elasticity to the body, has positive effects also at psychological level, stimulates meditation and helps in increasing self-esteem, reducing the fear of failure.

Swimming is one of the most exhaustive training, involves the main muscles of the body, increases endurance, regulates the breath, and determines you to exceed your limits and to put in more and more effort. Team sports also help you if you want to increase your endurance to effort.

Aerobics and lifting exercises increase the level of testosterone, hormone closely linked to desire and sexual performance. Brisk walking, jogging, bicycle riding are activities you can do at least three times a week, for 30 minutes.

Genuflections are one of the best exercises for tonifying your muscles of your legs and buttocks. The power and endurance of these parts of the body are very important during the sexual act. Moreover, genuflections improve the mobility of the hips and circulation.

Of course, in order to maximize the effects of physical activity, it is ideal to respect the classic rules of a healthy lifestyle, meaning you should eliminate smoking, reduce the alcohol quantity andfollow a correctandbalanceddiet.

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Text: Nicoleta Pescu