You may already know that sitting in front of a screen, going to work and sitting in front of the TV at night is not good for you at all, because this sedentary lifestyle leads to gaining extra kilos. It will never help you have more energy, self-confidence or a general feeling of well-being.In order to look well, feel well and have a positive attitude you must practice sport.There is no doubt that exercising may increase your self-esteem. Not only you will have an enviable body, but you will also have a positive and confident attitude. 

Physical exercise make you feel well

Regular exercise leads to a better body look, it makes your heart and bones stronger, it decreases the risk of chronic illness, it keeps your blood pressure under control, it maintains your weight and reduces anxiety and depression.While your energy level increases, your oxygen capacity, muscle tone and general well-being, one of the secondary benefits is an increase of your self-esteem.Only by creating a successful exercise plan and respecting it will allow you to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment. 

Sport makes you happier

Society is obsessed with how the body looks and for many people, the way they look has a direct influence upon their self-esteem.According to studies, a 20-30-minute exercise schedule at least 3 times per week may make you happier and less prone to stress.Regular physical exercise, mostly aerobics may have a positive effect upon your self-esteem as well as improving your body shape and general looks.

There is no proven formula for how much sport you should do in order to have an effect upon your self-esteem, but, according to the "Exercise Guide" a general fitness approach is recommended: cardio, strength workout and flexibility consolidation disciplines, such as yoga.Exercise between 150 and 300 minutes per week, moderate effort of well-being. 

More sport is not always better

Third minutes of moderate aerobics is enough to release beta endorphins which increase the well-being state and in order to decrease cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and anxiety;High intensity effort does not always reduce stress and anxiety and, in the context of competition and challenge, may sometimes increase anxiety.

The psychological benefits of physical activity last longer after moderate exercise rather than after high intensity exercise.

Meditation improves well-being. 

Yoga, meditation, tai chi and qigong lower tension, anxiety, depression, anger and improve the overall well-being state.

Meditation stimulates the pre frontal cortex which controls the happiness levels and healthy immunity.Also, yoga and meditation will help you sleep better and control your emotions more easily leading to more effective social interactions and positive self-image. 

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Text: Diana Ungureanu