When we talk about creating long-lasting changes in our lifestyle, we often fall into the trap of setting some ambitious goals for ourselves, which we expect to accomplish easily. After a certain amount of time, many of us "slip" back into our old habits, forgetting why we wanted to make those changes in the first place. Does that sound familiar?

Here are some tips about on setting long-term goals towards adopting a healthy lifestyle:

Decide what are the reasons why you wish to change your lifestyle

Why do you want that? It is very difficult to stick to your goals when you don't know why you have set them in the first place. Try making a list and stick it on your mirror, so that every time you pass by, you will remember your reasons. Here are a few questions that should help you decide why a specific goal is important to you:

• Why do you want to establish this goal for yourself?

• What is going to happen when you have accomplished it or made a habit out of it?

• How does that bring you closer to the person you want to become?

• How will this goal change your life?

Establishing and respecting a healthy lifestyle is quite difficult, but achieving things without a purpose is even more difficult. Make these your personal goals. When you feel you drifted away from the established path, remember that there is a good reason why you made a commitment to make these changes to your lifestyle.

Be careful what you keep in the fridge

If dieting is your main target, don't keep your fridge full of everything. If you don't buy yourself healthy foods you can enjoy, then you run the risk of falling prey to unhealthy snacks, and eventually your initial plan will fall apart. Stay motivated by designing an eating plan that should include both the recommended foods, as well as the eating schedule. It is very important to eat the right snacks, such as nuts, forest fruits, vegetables, etc., as this is how you reduce your cravings and you offer your body the right nutritious substances in order to sustain the benefits from sports. 

A calendar for a healthy lifestyle

Another fun way to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle is to watch your progress in time. Take note on your calendar of the days when you respect your schedule and objectives, no matter if we are talking about a day when you'll be drinking more water, getting more sleep or taking your vitamins. By watching your own progress and consistency in decisions and actions, you will think twice before going astray.

Take pictures of yourself and stay motivated.

Sometimes, it is hard to see if you made any progress or not, especially when it happens gradually. Take regular progress photos to prove yourself you far you've got, stay motivated and monitor your progress in time. Schedule it in your monthly calendar, so that you don't forget. Although you don't feel like you've made any progress when you look in the mirror, you can't deny the changes you see in a photo when you compare it to another. This is an excellent method for the goals related to your weight, your skin or your hair's health/length.

Social Media for a healthy lifestyle

Have you ever watched a motivational ad for a famous brand of shoes on TV? Those could make anyone want to put their running shoes on and go for a run in the park! If you are a social media addict, follow fitness bloggers and those who support a healthy lifestyle. This way, motivational and uplifting content will always be at your disposal.

Making changes towards a healthy lifestyle needs commitment and desire, but you can do it! Use these tips to help you stick to the path you have chosen, and you will manage to transform these goals into habits.

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Text: Diana Ungureanu