Sport for couples improves the relationship and sex life and those who practice sports together have better chances of remaining a coupleBesides, regular physical exercise increases libido, studies found. An activity which trains the body and mind brings harmony to the couple.You don't need to derive your partner from his/ her favorite physical activity.You can find one day per week when you practice sport together. It is important to be consistent.Choose activities that you both like, considering your financial status, availability of time and habits. 

Ideal physical activities for couples 

Trekking, for those who love nature.If you like peace and quiet, seek them together, in nature! With the right equipment, you can go trekking in the mountains, look for amazing views, far away from city traffic. 

Dancing, for extra sensuality in the couple.A wonderful cardio workout, dancing brings you closer together and not only physically.Cooperation, trust that you have in each other for performing the dance steps, the need for harmony in performing the moves bring extra passion to your relationship. 

Tennis, if you like to challenge each other.If you want to burn calories you may start a healthy competition, to have a full workout which helps increase lung capacity and improves heart rhythm. As a type of sport which involves at least two people, why not practice it as a couple? Also, you can play in doubles, against another couple.It might connect you very well after a tiresome day at work.

Running.You may talk while moving, conversation will clear away monotony and the effort will be easier to bear.Or you can create a play list and listen to music together.Run in the morning or in the evening, depending on your schedule, without being conditioned by the working hours of the gym. 

Riding the bike, an excellent way to have fun, is a good cardio workout but also god exercise for your legs.You can choose the path or the length of your rides depending on the desired difficulty level.A good option is the tandem bike, it will encourage you to cooperate to reach the destination you want.

Advantages of doing sports with your partner 

Sports is an excellent means to enjoy quality time together.Physical activity with your partner stimulates introducing new healthy habits in to your daily life, such as taking care what you eat, helps you eliminate stress and be healthier. 

Physical activity generates healthy competition, which is essential for reaching your goals and improving sport performance.You encourage each other, thus avoiding the risk of skipping workout. 

Time spent together at the gym or running helps you avoid routine.Effort is easier to bear when you exercise with your partner.You can support each other in order to increase the intensity of movement and in the end you can share the joy of reaching a goal together.You can be each other's coach.Because you know the other's limits, you will know how to stimulate each other in order to finish the workout. 

Have patience with one another, for sure one of you will be faster, the other more resilient or he/ she may lean the dance steps faster.Sport practiced with your partner, even if it sometimes involves competition, means fun, unwinding and it should help you coordinate your movements and cooperate better.Physical exercise improves your state of mind by releasing endorphins and you and your partner will feel energized, happier and more passionate about each other.

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Text: Nicoleta Pescu