Diet and sports are the two most important factors for your overall health.In order to understand how adequate food may help you after work-out is very important that first you know your body and understand how it is affected by physical activity. 

When you work out, the muscles of your body use your glycogen reserves as fuel.This leads to partial reduction of glycogen from the muscles, this why diet is important.

  • You use a lot of effort for performing the correct workout and you always try to be the best and reach your goals
  • Most of the time you think more about the pre-work-out meal than your post-workout meal
  • Correct diet may fuel physical exercise and may help the body recover and adapt. 
  • Consuming the right nutrients after physical effort is similarly as important as what you eat before. 

Post-workout, the body is trying to rebuild its glycogen reserves, to repair and recover those muscle proteins.Consuming the right nutrients shortly after workout may help the body recover faster.It is highly important to eat foods which are high in carbohydrates and proteins after workout. 

By doing this, the body will be helped:

  • Decrease breaking of muscle proteins 
  • Increase synthesis of muscle proteins 
  • Restore the glycogen reserves 
  • Sped up recovery

After physical activity: 


During workout, your body loses fluids by sweat, this is why it is very important to hydrate both during as well as after practicing sports.You may drink water, sports drinks or fruit and/ or vegetable juices.However, if you need an additional source of energy, then sports drinks are the solution, as they contain both carbohydrates as well as fluids to hydrate and fuel your body, at the same time. 

Don't forget about proteins 

Eat protein rich foods after finishing your workout, as they help restore and develop muscles. 

Diet and sports increase well-being

Sports is a factor which dictates emotional balance.Physical exercise ensure relaxation, energy and a refreshed inner state, that is why it is very important to have a sports program.Thus, not only you will have a healthy body, but also you will have a general well-being state. 

When you envisage a physical activity routine, keep in mind that research on this topic show that sports and a healthy lifestyle:

  • Improve the mind-body connection and offer better coordination
  • Reduce mental and physical stress
  • Strengthen the body offering resilience 

The connection between sports and diet is a very clear and visible one, that is why both should equally concern you.Sports and a healthy lifestyle mean a more beautiful body, more confidence in yourself, vitality and health. 

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Text: Diana Ungureanu