Often, actresses are forced to give up their dream silhouettes and gain weight to fit certain roles, but the mystery is how do they manage to lose weight so quickly? The impeccable Charlize Theron, the adorable Renee Zellweger or the seductive Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow are known as fabulously brave after they’ve made a lot of effort to substantially gain weight for movie roles and to delight their public. The four celebrities are the ones who suddenly surprised their fans after they completely transformed their image - and not in the most physically and mentally pleasing way for them - and showed that they are ready to do everything humanly possible because they are, for real, top international actresses. 

Obviously, later after that and in a relatively short time, following the specialists guidance, the beauties of Hollywood have lost weight and returned to their original body shapes, and now they even have a more improved look and sensational appearance, despite their aging.

Sport, nutrition, ambition, bodybuilding program, almost draconically kept, hours of fitness, their young spirit, appetite for health and leaning towards the sources and resources of happiness have enhanced the image of perfect and powerful women. 

The 4 fabulous from across the Ocean have become models to follow for their generation, and for thousands of young people who want to be healthy and beautiful for many years of their lives. Here are the stories of celebrities who can inspire you too! Be careful, however: losing or gaining weight fast can be very harmful to your physical and mental health! They risked for the movies they played in, however, under the guidance of experts. Don't apply Hollywood methods for the sake of exceeding your idols or even being like them!

Charlize Theron put on 50 kilos!

The impressive, unpredictable and flawless Charlize Theron gained no less than... 30 kilograms (which is huge) for her Oscar role in "Monster" (2003), where she played a murderer. 

The actress said she ate a lot of donuts daily, but that "wasn't about gaining weight. Aileen (Aileen Wuornos, the woman she played, Ed.) was not fat. Aileen had scars on her body because of her lifestyle", and she, Charlize Theron, could not have emphasized them other than by transforming her own body, by really get into the character, according to shape.com (source: shorturl .at/besDN). 

After returning to her athletic, enviable look, Charlize surprised the public again in 2018. Then she gained even more weight than she did for "Monster". The actress gained 50 kilos with potato chips for the movie "Tully", according to People magazine.

Getting rid of extra weight, however, was even more overwhelming. "I was younger (for "Monster"), I was 27 years old", said the gorgeous Charlize, who wanted to announce that she will NEVER make weight jumps from now on because "it was crazy", one that led her to depression. But what doesn't a great actress do for a great role?

Paltrow, Roberts and Zellweger, a lot of extra weight

Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that she was frightened only by the idea that she would gain 20 kilograms for her role in "Country Strong"(2010).And what scared her the most was the thought that she had to stop doing exercise for a while. She even lied to the producers that she was no longer exercising, although things were nothing like that. After that, she told to herself: "I really have to stop this (to exercise, for a while Ed.)!", according to the online publication shape.com.

In the same year, 2010, for Julia Roberts,another great actress, things seemed a little simpler, easier to endure, because she would only have to gain 10 kilograms for her exceptional role in the relaxing movie "Eat Pray Love".Finally, she gained over 30 kilograms for the authenticity of the role in this movie loved by the entire planet.

Renee Zellweger also had a hard time. She told to the American journalists at People Magazine that for "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason"(2004) she went from size 4 to14, gaining 30 extra kilos, altogether, for this mini-series. Renee set a 4,000 calories/day diet, which determined many men, she says, "to look at my breasts while talking to me." 

"I had a panic attack when all the specialists announced how harmful this is for a person for a long-term to put on so much weight in a short period of time," said the beautiful ReneeZellweger.

Hilary Swank also gained 19 kilos, but...  it was all muscle... to play her incredible role as a boxer in the movie "Million Dollar Baby"(2004), which brought her an Oscar. However, for her, this experience was one of good remembrance. 

"The psychological changes I went through were so interesting because I learned a lot about my body and mind", says the actress. Hilary Swank trained for four and a half hours a day, 6 days a week - can you imagine that kind of effort?! She was eating 210 grams of protein/day - how much ambition and what body and mental endurance! - which means she ate every hour and a half, as she said. 

"I needed nine hours of sleep a night because my body had to recover, but I had to wake up at night and drink protein shakes because I couldn't last that long without eating. (...) You realize that your body is a machine. It’s impressive! I have great respect for my body and how it works now ", saysHilary Swank, according to shape.com.

Similar to what was said by authentic Hollywood celebrities, those who really sacrifice themselves so we can see them in different states and to animate their characters, out of respect for your body and health, don't forget to practice fitness or any other kind of exercise, to eat as healthy as possible for your own body, but also your soul and mind and... rest for eight hours a night. This is the only way in which you will you look gorgeous and you will have the chance of a long life, without illnesses, but full of beauty! 

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Text:Roxana Chivu