The time you dedicate to sport is very valuable and perhaps you have asked yourself several times: strength training or cardio? Besides, don't forget that you need a lot of motivation and attention, in order to make sure that your workouts bring you as close as possible to your objectives. Although both cardio and strength trainings are essential for your health, each one of us need a special programme to perfectly match our objective. If you're not sure how it's best to focus your effort, either through strength trainings or through classic cardio, we have prepared for you some advantages of the exercises and the way they help you reach your objectives.

Cardio training 

Aerobics (cardio training) include all movements and activities that increase your heart rate and your breath (two popular options: running and cycling). Cardio training sets your heart, lungs and cardiovascular system directly in motion, and its benefits certainly do not end here. Apart from improving the health condition of your heart, cardio training also supports your brain's health, your glycemia, as well as your general mobility. It is also beneficial for sexual functions and helps you maintain an ideal weight.

How does strength training shine

Although strength training (technically called resistance training) had the reputation of being exclusively dedicated to bodybuilders, this type of workouts is crucial for everybody - especially as you get older.

How do you choose between cardio and strength training

In a perfect world, everyone would combine cardio and strength training in their exercise routine. That being said, according to your unique objectives, it is possible to want to focus more on one or the other. 

If you want to burn body fat: strength training.

Whilst cardio burns calories and might help you lose weight in the short term, strength training offers the best support when it comes to long-term weight loss. Strength training works out your muscles, increasing your metabolism, helping you become leaner with time.

If you are training for a race: cardio trainings.

If you wish to become a good runner, you have to run; if you want to be good at cycling, you have to ride a bike. This means that you need to concentrate your workouts on cardio trainings - to be precise, on any type of cardio training which you will be doing until the racing day. This way, you will be training the right muscles through the right movements.

After all, you want to become more active!

The most experienced of us can train at an intensity that benefits both muscles and cardio, but that does not apply to beginners. If you just want to work out, embrace balance: three sessions of strength training and two or three sessions of cardio per week.

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Text: Diana Ungureanu