The unhealthy lifestyle can be tackled through proper diet and exercises, and the morning ones have a very important role. The question is how do we escape the vicious circle we are in. The circle telling us it's easier to rush into a fast-food because we don't have time to cook anything, that there are too many vegetables to peel and cut for a soup, that we're tired, etc. We are masters at finding reasons for NOT doing something. Oh, if only we’d be just as good in finding reasons to DO something! Yes, it is easier to get stuck, to be discouraged, to give up. If we wouldn’t feel so bad when we do that, we would probably stay in that circle for a lifetime. And some do. Get out of this circle today! Find reasons why you need to change something, and physical exercises and a proper diet are the solution!

7 reasons to exercise in the morning!

1. Half an hour of exercise or yoga right at home will make an instant visible change! Yes, starting from today!

2. The exercises done in the morning make you aware of your body. You will feel alive in an instant, with the body also waking up from its numbness, and the simple fact that you pay attention to it after years of avoidance will awaken a positive emotion in you. 

3. A soft wave of happiness, maybe even a smile will appear on your face. Maybe you’ll even laugh at yourself for what seemed so difficult until now. 

4. Most important, you will be pleased to do something for yourself, for your body, for your mind!

5. You will really feel your heart beating!

6. You will go to the office with a different attitude, already feeling better with yourself and feeling even better around the others! And it's only the first day!

7. Your life has already changed, even if you are not aware of it yet! And that is because you had the courage to take the first step. And until the next, it's just one step!

And something more! You know that a diet works best if it is combined with regular exercises. The two of them are good friends and they can do wonders for you and your body. However, it is not recommended to go and eat two hamburgers based on the premise that you exercised in the morning, or in case you only ate soup today, it is not recommended to skip the yoga program from tomorrow. Don't make this mistake! Develop your will and keep up the good work as better as you can! Proper nutrition and diet are an essential duo.  

3 Truths About Healthy Eating

Healthy and tasty food is abundant! Vegetables and fruits are first! You just have to replace the unhealthy food!

It's okay to become addicted to healthy eating!

Healthy eating costs less than the price you pay for losing your health, self-esteem, confidence and even life!

In the end, keep in mind! Overweight is just a symptom. Repeat this until you truly understand why you treat yourself this way, what you can't forgive! And once you've found out the answer, stop thinking and don't wait any longer! Start right now.Life challenges you, but it doesn't wait for you. The time of our lives is precious and we deserve to spend it in harmony!

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Text: Mihaela Moldoveanu