Sport, nutrition, but also other beauty and maintenance tips, are part of the arsenal of Asian women. For centuries, these have been obsessed by a long lasting aspect of their skin, their immaculate look and body. They are the ones launching new trends in the art of beauty. How are they able to remain thin, perfect and young for a long time? The big Asian secret is exposed right now. It involves complying with certain ancient rituals. 

Women from Korea and anti-aging tricks

Culturally, young women and women from South Korea have, on each block, a salon where they go for facial massages. The Chief-Editor of Modern Luxury, the gorgeous Nuy Cho, tells us that her aunt does not have any wrinkles, aged 70, because she uses a nubby washcloth for facial exfoliation. Masks with charcoal, blurring the morning wrinkles with beauty products and a soft sponge, powerful hydrating essences or lip oils offer a fresh and vibrant look. 

Lifestyle and beauty in Japan 

Japanese women like to discuss about their beauty because they have almost reached perfection in complexion during entire generations and they find their look natural. They also have the longest live expectancy in the world. Japanese women drink green tea daily, just as the women in China drink this product since the 7th century, they love fermented food, rich in natural micro-organisms, which bring a substantial intake of enzymes, vitamin B, Omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics, and also eat a lot of boiled vegetables.

Other secrets of Asian youth 

Nutrition rich in fish, maybe the most popular product in Asia, food in small quantities and long walks as part of the ritual of exploring the outer world and to (re)integrate with the natural are other secrets that bring "eternal youth" to women in Asia. Physical activity is essential for them. Misses and ladies from the Asian continent practice walking as meditation. This way, they do effortless physical exercises (a sort of mini-sport), are mentally and spiritually relaxed. And what is nicer than a calm, delicate and smiling woman?

Martial arts as maintenance ritual 

In Japan, martial arts are a lifestyle, not only a sport practised by a small group of people. In the 23rd century BC, the samurai were the only masters. Over time, the Japanese women also started using the swords for defending themselves. Now, martial arts are the most popular sport, having the effects of a full and complex fitness training, focusing on each muscle, improving endurance and flexibility. Martial arts are like a cardiovascular shield and help in loosing weight. Additionally, they develop the degree of concentration, create a moral of life for the one practising and bring happiness through the endorphins discharged in the brain.

7 Tips & Tricks for an Asian look 

- Brush also your complexion to maintain it tonified with a soft brush, and only after this ritual, you can apply beauty products, which will be better absorbed!

- Use facial masks with turmeric, another secret Asian ingredient, which help you prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process!

- Use the water in which you boiled rice as facial toner or to rinse your hair! 

- Use a jade roller for facial massage, to get the blood flowing and to detoxify your complexion!

- Look for herbs, such as Bei Qi, Huang Qi and Goji, for skin care, as the women in China do it!

- Apply sunscreen, every morning, use BB creams, invented in Asia, and also hydrating masks before going to bed!

- Keep away from the sun to avoid wrinkles and to obtain, in exchange, a radiant and enviable skin! 

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Text: Roxana Chivu