Regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, reducing stress levels and getting enough rest, all of them help you keep an optimal energy level, as well as a good state of mind. However, under certain conditions, such as when you exercise regularly or when you are going through challenging times, these are no longer enough for you too keep your energy levels high, and vitamins and minerals become a necessity for those moments when you also feel tired. This is why it's good for you to know what the supplements that bring you extra energy are.


Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is a plant that brings a remarkable contribution to increasing energy levels. During a 2012 study, researchers have discovered that the ashwagandha root extract has the notable quality of fighting stress and anxiety, and moreover, it is very well tolerated by the human body. A further study brought arguments for what was already known, demonstrating also that ashwagandha increases physical endurace during sports performance. The study was conducted on cyclists who had consumed 500 milligrams of this supplement, twice a day.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is an enzyme which exists naturally in the human body, especially the heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys. It has a strong antioxidant role and contributes to supporting and strengthening the immune system. Research has shown that people who accuse high fatigue levels have a low level of Coenzyme Q10 in their bodies. The recommended amount is 30-90 mg a day, an amount which can increase up to 200 mg a day, especially if you work out and you need to increase your energy levels.

Vitamin D

Studies have shown that more than 50% of people suffer from a vitamin D deficit, especially during the cold season, as this vitamin (the D3 component is, after all, essential) is synthetized at the skin level, under the influence of sun-rays. Elderly people, people with a dark skin complexion, overweight people, and those who should avoid sun exposure because of allergies, are surely suffering from a vitamin D deficit, but you might also struggle with some deficiencies. If you suffer from muscular or bone aches, fatigue, nervousness and even depressive states, it is a sign that vitamin Dis not present in your body in the necessary quantities. The recommended daily amount is 2000 UI per day.

B Vitamins

The vitamin B complex is absolutely essential when it comes to keeping an optimal energy level. These vitamins have the role to create cellular energy, and deficiencies lead to states of fatigue. From all B vitamins, we should notice in particular B12, which is the one responsible with anaemic conditions in times of deficiency. As B12 can be found only in animal products, those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle often suffer from deficiencies, therefore supplements are essential for them. Also, if you work out, it's necessary to consume a higher dose of B vitamins in order to increase performance and physical endurance.


Creatine is an amino acid which can be found mainly in red meat and seafood. Creatine supplements have the role of increasing natural creatine deposits present in muscles, helping boosting performance during workouts. At the same time, studies about the need for creatine in the human body have emphasized that it also prevents muscular overworking for sportspeople, or dehydration during exercises and workouts.


Iron deficiency can lead to a lack of energy and states of fatigue and weakness in the body. Because of the menstrual cycle, women are more prone to iron deficiencies, but also those people who have an unbalanced and unhealthy diet might struggle with a deficit of this mineral, which is essential for a good state of health. According to a study, participants who have added iron to their diet for 12 weeks, managed to increase their energy levels by 47.7%.


L-theanine is an amino acid which can be naturally found in tea. Combining L-theanine with caffeine can help you boost your energy levels and, at the same time, improve the performance of your nervous system. A 2010 study demonstrated that 97 mg of L-theanine and 40 mg of caffeine have improved cognitive performance in adults, and in 2017 another study concluded that this combination improved attention capacity, at the same time, participants stating that they felt full of energy.

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Text: Mădălina Munteanu