An Internet exercise app is neither a Hollywood whim nor the actual trend of our celebrities, but a revolutionary method for those who are adapting to social changes on the go and who are looking to save time and money, being aware that the physical exercise and recreation are vital in an over-demanding 21st century! We will create a Master Coaching App for your health, based on medical studies and on observations from fitness trainers. You will have it soon, but until then, here is what this means:

Why trying an Internet exercise app instead of a fitness gym  

Online fitness "is a great method to try different styles of exercises", from easy and efficient 4-minute sessions with an elastic band to difficult "HIITs (high-intensity interval training Ed.), for less money", as Paula Cocozza, journalist for the British publication The Guardian, says. "It’s easy to fit in a 10 or 20 minutes session for which you need minimum equipment and you can wear anything without being judged," concludes Paula.

7 reasons to choose an online exercise app

1. Your instructor behind the tablet, laptop or smartphone display will motivate you as much as at the gym. You’ll sweat with him in 20 minutes as much as in an hour of bodybuilding.

2. Internet exercise apps are adapted to age categories, body weight, degree of physical effort and take into account the different conditions that a person suffers from.

3. A Coaching app includes 3-4 sessions/week, the same as at the gym, but shorter. These sessions can also be organized according to each person's reaction to the workout.

4. An Internet exercise appeliminates the body and mental stress caused by the sounds coming from the street, the crowds, the traveling time and the preparing ritual before the gym.

5. Online exercise apps are fun, always different and give you the opportunity to have a personal fitness trainer for less financial resources than the gym.

6. The online trainings are also accompanied by nutrition tips from the instructor, who will suggest diets rich in vitamins or proteins, cheap and easy to prepare at home.

7. Last but not least, with the Internet exercise app you have all the time in the world to exercise when you want, how you want, because you have complete control over your own free time.   

What researchers say about online workout

According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, in 2015, there were already over 1,000 apps for exercising on mobile devices on the market worldwide. Now, their number is unimaginable. "Nearly three-quarters of app users reported (at that time Ed.) that they are more active compared to half of those who were not users or had not been in the past", according to the same source. The conclusion was drawn based on the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ), to which 726 persons were asked to answer.Finally, the specialists stated that "online app users are more likely to exercise in their spare time, compared to those who do not use apps, thus fulfilling the role for which many of these apps were designed. The data also suggest that one way in which exercise apps can increase the physical exercise level and health results is to make it easier for users to overcome the exercise barriers, leading to increased self-efficacy", according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research. 

Who uses online exercise apps  

For some years now, the fitness industry has been conquering the Internet in China. China Daily published a suggestive report on the routine of a 28-year-old manager of a Beijing public relations agency. Liu Ya is the name of this young woman. According to China Daily, she starts the fitness app on her mobile phone and thus attends an exercise class, every week, doing barre workouts. In fact, Liu Ya uses a handrail as a "support for different types of exercises and thus does ballet-derived movements or combines yoga and Pilates positions and movements."  Other 39 users are enrolled in the class which Liu attends. "I think the Internet has really changed the way people do exercise. Fitness apps offer us more options. Instead of going to the gym or to a training by yourself or hiring a personal trainer, they can either connect you online and offline", says Liu Ya quoted by China Daily.  The New York Times also reported that "China’s Next Revolution is in fitness, "especially that since 2011, the State has started to support "the grassroots fitness" in a country with a 20% obesity rate in some cities. After 8 years, the situation has changed radically in China, and manager Liu Ya is just one example for thousands of young people passionate about exercise apps on the Internet.

Enter the select circle of the new urban fashion of online workout

Your home can become your sports club! Bucharest or any other city of the country can be your exercise center, if you implement the online preset program of the fitness trainers. Many of the celebrities you admire practice sports at home, not just in the gym or with well-known coaches. They do boxing, dancing or muscle toning thanks to video programs, with a simple press on the play button, maybe from their own living room.

According to Harpers Bazaar, you can include here Gigi Hadid or Miranda Kerr. Thelatest told BAZAARthat she plays music and her son dances while she is doing stretching exercises on the floor. Jennifer Lopez also saysthat "it is important to constantly change your workout routine and surprise your body". Oprah seems to be the most adapted to the new times. "This morning, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and then a huge loop around my house. I live on 65 acres, so I can run a distance of two kilometers without leaving my property", she told BAZAAR.  

If the international stars are practicing the sport by themselves, why wouldn't you?

Weight loss and health program - 

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Text: Roxana Chivu