There is no other excuse to skip exercise, especially as 2020 brings us a series of innovative fitness trends that will certainly be an important help in losing weight and to be fit. Going to the gym is a problem for many, due to the busy rhythm of life, it is time for technology to enter the stage. From nutrition to personalized exercises, more and more sports applications provide the chance to develop at home or wherever you are, a harmonious body, completed by a sharp and confident mind.

Virtual exercise classes 

It seems like is time for personal trainers and virtual exercise classes, especially for the fact that they allow you to log in whenever you want. Too busy at work or a personal problem? Online exercise applications are available when you are, which means you exercise when you have time.

Exercise applications communicate with each other 

It may seem surprising, but exercise apps can communicate with each other. Synchronization is a very important thing when using various exercise applications, for example one for jogging, another for gym and one for nutrition. Some of these can be synchronized to show you exactly how many calories you burn in a day, regardless of the type of movement you make. How can you not love technology? 

Apps tell you what to eat

When artificial intelligence sets your meal schedule, it means that we are evolving in a fantastic rhythm. This year it is expected that the technology will reach the level in which an app can determine your tolerance to alcohol, carbohydrates, fats or caffeine. All this statistical analysis is based on a pattern of your DNA, according to

The app that measures your metabolism 

Another innovation is a portable device, linked to an app, which decrypts your metabolism. It is a great help, considering that you can find out if your body burns more fats or more carbohydrates. All you have to do is blow in the device and you will see how your metabolism is affected by what you eat, by the physical activity and even sleeping.

The personal trainer can also be online 

The apps in which you connect with a personal trainer are more and more popular. Such an online exercise application gives you the opportunity to apply the advices of the best fitness trainers, both in terms of exercises and nutrition. In addition to the fact that you will have a set of exercises carefully selected and customized exactly for what you need, these apps will be the friend, the support you need to achieve your goals.

Fitness equipment is adapting 

... to your needs. Some apps are directly connected to the fitness equipment. They know almost everything about you, i.e. age, weight, height, etc. When you log in, the program tells you on what kind of device you will start working on. It may look like in the movies, but for the next step, the fitness machine practically adapts, like a little robot, according to your height and weight, so you can be comfortable and exercise with pleasure.

Practically, the future is already here. It’s only up to you to receive it with open arms.

Weight loss and health program - 

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Text: Mihaela Moldoveanu