Fear of failure, constant need for validation, the need to please those around you, the self-blaming tendency are a few elements indicating the fact that we struggle with low self-esteem, and sport is a solution that comes in handy in this case. Specialists found that self-image is tightly connected to both physical and mental health.Regular physical activity trains the body and the mind and helps us improve our perception of ourselves. 

Sport helps us become more aware of our capabilities and reach our goals. It offers us moments of happiness, a well-known antidote for the lack of self-respect.Physical activity helps release endorphins, the happiness hormone, improving our state of mind.Exercise clears away our stress and anxiety, which are the enemies of self-confidence. 

Moderate physical exercise decrease the level of cortisol, also named the stress hormone, offering us relaxation and safety. 

Sports allows you to face your fears, helps you know your strengths and weaknesses, accept yourself and learn that nobody is perfect.

Self-esteem can be practiced. Choose the type of sport which can help you 

In order to choose the right physical activities, analyses the skills that you deem relevant and think about the results you want to obtain. 

Tennis involves focus and fast decision-making skills.It helps you if you face difficulties in making decisions, if you cannot manage the stress generated by a confrontation. 

Dance requires determination and good stress-management abilities. Dance allows you to know your body better and improves your posture.Practice dance if you want to become more ambitious in reaching your goals. 

Swimming helps you if you face difficulties in doing your tasks, when you have the tendency of focusing all your energy to solve a single problem and you cannot focus on the rest.Swimming helps you to manage your resources depending on the tasks you have to solve, always keeping your goal in mind.It helps you learn to focus on what matters for you and not value excessively the opinions of others. 

Martial arts are useful if you want to manager your anger.They stimulate self-control, they help you manage your strength and keep your focus.They also may help if you lack sufficient self-confidence to take part in a confrontation for example.Martial arts contribute to raising awareness as regards negative emotions and managing them. 

Choose a team sport, such as volleyball or basketball if you feel the need to build relationships, or if you want to better know your worth and limitations.Cooperating with the other team members and mutual help improve self-esteem and efficacy. Team sports teach us the spirit of sacrifice, they require commitment and dedication, they teach you not to quit, accept confrontation even with those who are better than you. They help you understand that a team doesn’t need only strong people to win. 

Sport makes you appreciate yourself more 

Sport helps us overcome our limitations.The satisfaction we get from reaching each goal contribute to building our self-esteem. Small victories are obtained by commitment and perseverance, and the harder you work to overcome challenges, the higher the satisfaction.Paradoxically, choosing a type of sport that you think you cannot handle may help you a lot in overcoming your limitations and in stimulating your self-respect.When results appear after a lot of hard work, not only that you have reached your goal, but you learn to manage stress and have more confidence in your own abilities.Self-respect is essential for mental health and for the quality of your life.Choose to feel better with yourself, self-confidence can be learnt and trained. 

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Text: Nicoleta Pescu