How many times have we told ourselves: "That's it! I'm going to lose weight starting tomorrow!" and we kicked off with a remarkable drive, which stayed with us for about... 3 days? Then we found another weight loss technique, which seemed far more effective: "I'm starting on Monday, next month, or better still, next year." Obviously, after a while, we lose all the initial energy and enthusiasm, and we are back to the same frustrating and demoralizing result: the extra kilos are back (bringing also some friends along after a few days of austerity), the target we aimed for is not reached, and, most of all, a precedent for failure is being created.

How do you set up your objectives for making the extra kilos melt away?

First of all, you need a consistent dose of realism and to set up pertinent limits for yourself. You can live only with salad and hours and hours of physical effort, but eventually you will end up exhausted, and you'll be still falling in the trap of routine. Whereas a personalized programme, adapted to your own needs and capacities, stands a better chance for success.Also, it is very important for you to find the programme that works for you - even if it is totally different from that of other people, and be mentally prepared to discover that the solutions chosen by others may not be working for you.

Small changes for a healthy lifestyle

For starters, you can begin with small changes with major effects:

• Give up on processed juices. They are sweet, apparently refreshing, but they contain incredibly high amounts of sugar, which can sabotage your attempt to lose weight.

• Walk more. As often as you can, leave the car in the parking lot, choose the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk instead of going to the movies or to the restaurant.

• Think before you eat. "Am I really hungry or do I have a craving?", that should be the first question that comes to your mind when food appears in front of you. A large glass of water can be everything you need when you can't decide easily.

• Plan your menu in advance and cook your food at home. Planning a weekly menu helps you stay assured that you have all your nutritional needs covered, and that no food excess is made. Besides, it is cheaper and more practical to buy everything during the weekend from the supermarket, rather than bit by bit from the nearest food shop.

• Look for an online programme or an app to show you the workouts you need, and which you can do from anywhere you like, as it's rather difficult to be able to hit the gym, especially during your working days.

Change "I'm going to lose weight starting tomorrow!" to "From now on I'm losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle!"

Transform yourself starting this very second: choose an apple instead of a pastry, politely decline when something sweet is offered to you, try to stick to your scheduled meals, work out at your own home. If you really want to make a change, NOW is better than any other moment and NOW you have the chance to start off your new life!

Motivation, motivation, lose weight!

The main vital organ when it comes to changing your lifestyle to a healthy one and your figure to an amazing one is the brain, so, in order to be successful, you must change your mindset for this major long-term change. Search and follow online those people who switched to a healthy lifestyle, who inspire you, give you good ideas, and who empower your purpose.Also, in your day-to-day life, you must surround yourself with positive, gentle and optimistic people to encourage you or even follow you on this newly-found pathway. Try to project yourself into the future, to be honest with yourself, and not to expect immediate results, for a long-term change does not happen overnight.

Weight loss and health program - 

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Text: Lupu Florentina-Natalia, psiholog