In order to reach a skin as close as possible to perfection, a number of factors are needed, in which you must necessarily include sport, hydration and, of course, nutrition. The advice of recognized and recommended experts by those who applied the information received from them is pure gold for a woman who wants to be beautiful at any age. 

Exercises help to moisturize the skin!

"Sport, exercise and fitness hydrate your skin! Your skin will actually look better after you exercise! Sport oxygenates the cells and it is mandatory to drink a sip of water after each set of exercises just to regain your energy and to accelerate the oxygenation and anti-oxidant process", according to a Romanian dietitian expert, who does not advocate, therefore, only for healthy nutrition. 

"Regardless of what lotions would a woman apply on her skin or any facial treatments I could perform personally, the health of womencomplexion comes from the inside to the outside, from nutrition, from how they maintains their body at optimum levels, including through exercise, spiritual nourishment or hydration. A woman should always have a bottle of water with her! Besides water, semi-skimmed milk is an excellent way of hydrating, according to the latest studies performed in Germany. As well as a few sips of coffee with milk, which also provides the needed natural antioxidants. According to a cosmetologist: "The rest is just privilege!" 

"The removing of make-up is done in the morning and in the evening, regardless whether you applied make-up or not during the day!", is another important information from a dermatologist. 

The essential link between cleansing, fitness and nutrition

All the benefits, almost magical, of cleansing, fitness and healthy nutrition are based on a very simple biological process, which works by itself until a certain age, but which, if sustained early, from adolescence, for example, through healthy self-care techniques, it continues to work just as well until old age. The physiological explanation was provided by one of the greatest experts in dermatology field from Romania. 

"The skin renews itself through cells called keratinocytes. They are in the epidermis and rise towards the cornified layer. This is why the skin is renewed within 28 days, constantly. It is a process of ascension of the cells, like climbing on a mountain!", told us Prof. Olga Simionescu PhD, Department of Dermatology of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila". 

Keratinocyte cells, however, cannot climb into the cornified layer of the epidermis at 40 years as at 18, as mentioned above, but only with a helping hand, by cleansing. 

"The renewal must be sustained constantly until those 28 days because, otherwise, microbes may appear. Keratinocyte cells are the ones that protect us against infections. Or, at the level of the skin, we can imagine that if not well cared for, the skin becomes very crowded, like a parking lot in which the cars occupy all the vacant places. The cars are the bad germs that no longer make room for keratinocytes and so microbes settle, since there is no barrier against them. So, the cleansing protects the skin." said Prof. Olga Simionescu PhD 

"The skin must be cleaned daily with water and soap to protect it against these microbes, but the cleansing does not only involves soap and water, but also special substances that open the pores, relax the tissue and prepare the skin to apply moisturizing lotions. In the absence of cleansing, the pores clog and inflammatory papules appear", according to the same source. 

Without cleansing, any type of skin may gain an unhealthy aspect over the years, because of the microbes and not only them! 

"The removing of make-up is done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. It is mandatory! The cleanser should be a product that is not irritating. Also, cleansing is important because our skin is secreting sebum, and if we also apply make-up and if we add the external aggressions such as dust, sun, bacteria or mites, well, all these impurities from day to day cause pimples, blackheads or deepen wrinkles. Cleansing involves cutaneous renewal, skin renewal. If this process is neglected, not only that unaesthetic papules appear, but the skin will also have a fatigued aspect, the so called  thefallen face effect", revealed the dermatologist Olga Simionescu. 

Your daily beauty program 

Remember that people are attracted to beautiful people, such as well-groomed persons, or that the men first notice a woman’s face, how her hair is arranged and how she maintains her physical appearance. The healthy and attractive look is the defining element to consolidate an inter-human relationship in the contemporary world. It is a reality that you cannot neglect, if you have the ambition to keep up with the real worldwide beauty revolution. Also, do not forget about the consumption of quality food supplements that will help you cover the lack of nutrients from our daily diet. It's another scientifically proven fact. Minutes of fitness, fixed hours for healthy diet and a cleansing ritual must be included in the daily schedule of any young woman or successful modern woman! 

Sport, nutrition and cleansing ensure your success

Skin care, cleansing ritual, sport and a healthy diet are part of the spirit of human self-preservation, in a defense mechanism against harmful factors such as pollution or overwork. Furthermore, the desire for body reshaping also comes in comparison with the others. We come to idealize certain celebrities that appear in magazines, we see examples and we want to look alike! And we can succeed with a great ambition! This is how we start doing exercise and this increases our self-esteem, which can sometimes be affected at work or even between friends. We learn from each other how to take care of ourselves and thus we manage to eliminate some of the frustrations! Psychologists say that people are automatically placing themselves on the level of frustration, but exercise has the great benefit of removing this obstacle. Beauty and health rituals also play an essential role: they improve inter-human relationships. We feel better about ourselves, and this generates positive energy and attraction. 

Exercise, nutrition and caring for a healthy skin separates and at the same time, draws you closer to your peers, makes you assimilate information much easier, solve problems with detachment, look at life without anger. Why? The brain once oxygenated, the well-nourished cells, make the body work at full capacity. And women change their attitude towards life. Genetically, we are programmed to live today thinking for a better future, but based on past experiences. A healthy mind and body turn the process towards better. The first ones to discover this were the ancient Greeks. 

"Menssana in corporesano" is the principle that determines a human to live today without remembering the unpleasant moments and looking in the near future, not to a distant and uncertain one. Fitness, nutrition, cleansing and sleep are the pillars of protection and which ensure success on your own! Nothing more beautiful and more beneficial...!

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Text: Roxana Chivu