After the age of 40, it is important, more than ever before, for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which, of course, will include physical exercise and a healthy diet. Of course, the advice does not only apply to those who are approaching or have passed the age of 40. These rules that include sports, but also a healthy diet, apply to you at any age, because sooner or later you will reach 40. But, as nowadays 40 is the new 30, because people pay more attention to their own lifestyle, if you start following some healthy rules from this moment, you have nothing to worry about. You will still look good at 40! So, we know that we are getting old when we start feeling tired, when it seems that we don't laugh as hard, and when we start slowing down. But let's not become overwhelmed with the idea of getting old, and let's focus instead on setting some rules for us to willfully follow. If we agree with them, we will follow them effortlessly and we will be feeling better every day, even if problems will not stay away from us and the calendar age will keep growing. As long as we can look at ourselves lovingly in the mirror each day, there is still hope. Therefore, here is some good life advice, which specialists have agreed on. 

Have an early start to your day

Sometimes, we would like some extra sleep in the morning, and we hit the snooze button several times. But what if we just woke up at a time that seems right for us? Shall we make time to exercise, to have breakfast, and also to have a preview of our day before we start? Let's take things slowly, in no hurry and relax before we leave the house!

Take your portion of vitamins!

Vitamins are compulsory at any age, and we've known that since we were little. So, let's not avoid them! According to Cleveland Clinic, it is good to look at those daily pills as an insurance policy against an imperfect diet. Because it is difficult to put all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs on one plate! Ask your GP and ask for an advice in finding the best combination for you!

DON'T skip breakfast!

Doctors have agreed that a correct diet is crucial for a healthy lifestyle, and breakfast should not be ignored. Maybe when we were younger we used to skip breakfast, because we had more energy, but, as we get older and move ahead in life, we shouldn't deprive ourselves of this meal too. Medical studies show that this first meal of the day is very important. The 2014 research published in the Nutrition Journal emphasizes the fact that breakfast controls our appetite throughout the day, And, what's even more important, it helps us lose weight by eating on time and keeping a generally good state of health. 

Drink a glass of water with lemon as soon as you wake up!

Why? Because it's good for us, folks! Lemon has alkaline properties, helps with digestion, has a diuretic effect and it's full of vitamin C and potassium. A study which was published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition shows that lemon's antioxidant polyphenols significantly reduce the extra weight caused by a diet that is high in fat. But that one, you already knew, didn't you?

Physical exercise and getting moving

We already know that working out, even the 15 minutes of exercising at home when we wake up, really does make a difference. We feel instantly better and we don't understand how could we let so many days pass without working out. I really feel that way when I skip my morning workout. A 2017 study published in the "Preventive Medicine" journal tempts us with the following discovery, namely that those people who have a high level of physical activity actually have younger cells than those who don't. That's good news, isn't it?

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Text: Mihaela Moldoveanu